Two-wheel Carts

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Toter two wheel carts are manufactured using a stress-free, Advanced Rotational Molding process. This process, along with the use of medium density polyethylene (MDPE), provides a superior strength-to-weight ratio not found in standard injection molded carts. Toter two wheeled carts are virtually maintenance-free and boast the industry’s lowest warranty claim rate. Two wheel carts are available in 24, 32, 35, 48, 64 and 96 gallon sizes.

Curbside Collection Carts

Toter Curbside Collection Carts are Advanced Rotationally Molded for the strongest, most impact-resistant carts in the industry.

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Retail Carts

Toter retail carts are commercial grade and are the most durable waste and recycling carts available.

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