DuraLatch Trash Can Lid Lock

Trash Can Lid Lock

No other curbside collection cart is built for extremes like a Toter with DuraLatch. This simple-to-use latch stands up to rain, wind gusts up to 65 MPH, pesky critters and the day-to-day abuse of curbside waste collection. Fully compatible with automated waste collection trucks, DuraLatch features gravity-based functionality, meaning the lid opens automatically when garbage truck tips and empties the cart then the cart latches when it’s set back down on the curb.

  • Opens automatically when garbage truck lifts it and then latches when it’s set back down on the curb
  • Stands up to the forces of Mother Nature (withstands wind gusts up to 65 MPH)

  • Critter-resistantdu

  • Protects cart contents from rain and moisture

Available Configurations:

  • Fully Assembled (Lid, Latch, and Cart)
  • Partially Assembled (Lid and Latch Only)
  • Latch Only (Aftermarket)

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