Toter Helps Mobile, AL Begin Curbside Single Stream Recycling

Published on 10/26/17

Starting Monday, October 9, the City of Mobile will offer curbside single stream recycling for businesses in one part of downtown. 
First, the City of Mobile removed trash cans from downtown sidewalks and set up two compactors hidden away in locations that were off site, but not far away.

Now, it's offering curbside single stream recycling for businesses along the LoDa area, downtown around Dauphin Street between Washington Avenue and Water Street.

Interested businesses will receive a blue recycling cart at no cost.

Bill Harkins, the Director of Public Works for the City of Mobile, said, "If I put recycling in a recycling cart, less do I have to take to either the compactor, or, do we take it to the landfill for them, so it gets out of the waste stream."

And it saves the city landfill costs.

Businesses will place the cart on the sidewalk for pickup on the same morning schedule as regular garbage. More

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