Cart Liners

Cart Liners

Universal Protection.

Shield residents’ carts from sticky messes to keep carts clean and virtually odor free. HOAs will receive fewer complaints about trash odor since cart liners can reduce odor issues significantly, and residents won’t have to clean their trash carts. Since cart liners easily slip out and fall right into the garbage truck on trash day, residents can easily put in a new liner once their trash cart has been emptied. Best of all, Toter Cart Liners, with their built-in odor shields, are designed to fit many brands of trash carts. So, if for some odd reason you’re not using the best trash cart on the market, we’ve still got you covered.

  • Covers the inside of carts to protect against sticky messes
  • Easily slips out and falls right into garbage truck on pick-up days
  • Durable 75% recycled plastic material
  • Available in 48-, 64-, and 96-gallon sizes
  • Contains a built-in odor shield


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