Toter - The World's Toughest Carts

Toter is the leading manufacturer of two-wheeled carts for curbside automated waste, recycling and organics collection by cities, private waste haulers and recyclers. Toter introduced the automated curbside cart system in North America during the late 1960s.  Today, Toter is the top selling cart brand. 

Recognized throughout the industry as The World's Toughest Carts™, Toter carts are produced using a patented, stress-free molding technology known as Advanced Rotational Molding™.  This manufacturing process results in carts that are tougher and more durable than injection molded carts.  Toter carts typically have a 15 to 20+ year service life versus 10 years or less for injection molded carts.  Exceptionally long service life, combined with one of the lowest warranty claim rates in the industry, make Toter carts an exceptional value.