Fully Automated Bear Resistant Cart

Toter’s Fully Automated Bear Resistant Carts are designed to minimize conflicts with bears and other predators. Our carts are constructed with our Advanced Rotational Molding™ process that creates an extremely durable trash can. We’ve armed them with a rugged rim to help defend against chewing, a double-walled lid, beefier handle and hinge, and minimized pry points, which makes them tough enough to withstand the strongest claws and jaws!

Features Include:

  • Improves routing and collection efficiencies due to compatibility with both fully-automated and semiautomated applications 
  • Safe and robust design is lightweight and easy to maneuver, yet extremely difficult for bears to compromise 
  • Strength is enhanced due to structural capabilities like Rugged Rim and sealed stop bar journals 
  • Cost effective solution for communities seeking to secure their waste management program
  • Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee’s (IGBC) bear-resistant certification (64 gallon only, IGBC certification number 5416)