Cart Assembly & Delivery

The Basics of a Project Rollout
  • Assisting with Your Community Rollout

    When you’re ready to roll out a waste and/or recycling program in a community or region, Toter® staff will help you implement it. We’ll be with you every step of the way — from planning and educating the public to assembling and delivering your containers. As soon as your contract is awarded, we meet with you to get started.

Step 1. Planning

We assign a project coordinator who acts as your main point of contact while overseeing the entire assembly and trash can delivery process. The planning process includes, but is not limited to, organizing the timeline and reviewing the assembly site, address database, public education literature, cart markings and reporting, as well as the details for the door-to-door deliveries. Toter will develop the preliminary delivery schedule and details to ensure that your completion deadlines are met.

Step 2. Public Education

Educating the public is an essential part of the project plan. As an option, the Toter Services crew will attach a customer-prepared educational literature bag to each cart during the delivery process. Educating the public about the carts and their proper use helps to eliminate customer confusion and concern.

Public education materials may include literature, web postings, digital photography, renditions and more. If you choose, Toter will further assist you by providing user Instructions, cart markings, Toter’s Safe Use and Care brochure (written in English and Spanish) and one free plastic hanger bag for each cart.

Step 3. Unloading and Assembly

An advantage to having Toter provide your assembly and delivery services is that we have a direct link to our production and transportation departments, which ensures quicker response times and the ability to adjust more effectively, if needed.

The Toter crew unloads and assembles the carts prior to delivering in the streets. Toter is able to nest fully assembled carts, which makes the rollout more effective and efficient. It also eliminates the unnecessary noise that comes from assembling carts at street level and ensures that noise ordinances are followed.

Step 4. Door-to-Door Delivery

Toter provides garbage bin delivery to the scrubbed and vetted address listings provided during the planning stage. As each cart is delivered, the Toter crew associates that address with the serial number on the cart being delivered. Crew members will not deliver a cart to any address except the requested trash bin delivery address. If your project offers containers of various sizes and waste streams, we understand the importance of verifying that the correct size and type of cart is delivered.

The GPS coordinates of the specific address and the timestamp data are captured to show the exact time the cart was delivered and the location to which it was delivered. This data is captured and sent — in real time — to a web portal for your use. The data, which includes address, cart and serial number and/or radio-frequency identification (RFID) tag number, allows Toter to develop online reports and route sheets/maps, while providing an up-to-date route audit through our user-friendly web portal.

Step 5. Completion

Following the delivery of all carts, the Toter crew cleans the work area prior to departing. All steps of the rollout process are concluded by the agreed-upon completion date. A final distribution report is provided electronically. The report includes the address, cart, serial number and/or RFID tag number(s), geo coordinates and timestamp data. This information is also available via the web portal.