RFID Cart Management

Toter’s RFID Waste Management System
  • Helping You Save Time and Money

    Toter® is more than a manufacturer — we are committed to meeting and even exceeding our customers’ needs. We are at your service for the long haul.

    Our cart management solutions are based on advanced garbage bin and dumpster tracking technology. Toter enhances your operational efficiency via digital data-encoded tags; clean, well-marked, GPS-equipped vehicles; computer-optimized routing and survey programs; and professional drivers. Outsourcing cart tracking and asset management tasks to Toter lets you invest your time and money into growing your business.

About Our Technology

Toter’s industry-leading cart delivery and tracking solution, utilizes seamless, state-of-the-art radio-frequency identification (RFID) garbage collection tracking technology that allows you to track your carts in real time. Designed specifically for waste and recycling assembly and delivery projects, this provides you with the means to control your assets from a simple-to-use web portal.

Give you access to:

  • Real-time asset management
  • Real-time visibility of delivery status
  • Real-time visibility of geographic coordinates and timestamp data
  • Unique RFID tag number with matching serial number for superior accuracy
  • User-friendly web portal

What's the Benefit to You

  • Assembly. While competitor bar codes that are stamped on the cart can get damaged and therefore become unreadable in the field, our RFID trash cans are manufactured with an embedded RFID tag in the handle and a matching RFID number and serial number for accurate tracking.
  • Delivery. As our crews deliver your carts to the correct addresses, each cart’s RFID tag is scanned and the data sent instantly to our user-friendly web portal that features 24/7 visibility. The data is validated at multiple points to ensure accuracy.
  • Tracking. Increased visibility and information on demand provide data for your operational plan and information to support customer service inquiries during distribution. Assets are tracked in the field and in inventory, and the data is used to monitor rollout progress and assist in customer service requests.