Industrial, Commercial & Institutional

A Professional-Grade Solution for Every Setting
  • We Are So Much More Than Containers

    Toter® products are designed for use in a variety of industrial, commercial and institutional settings, including universities, manufacturing facilities, shopping centers, restaurants, hospitals, stadiums and convention centers. We offer solutions for collecting, transporting and disposing of waste and recyclables throughout those facilities using carts, dumpsters, stationary containers, mobile tilt trucks, cart lifters and more.

    Manufactured with our Advanced Rotational Molding™ process — resulting in stronger, more durable products than those from injection-molded manufacturers — Toter products come with an industry-best warranty.

  • A Wide Range of Professional Products

    Toter offers a variety of commercial and industrial trash cans, commercial dumpsters, material handling and specialty trash cans for medical waste and document management.

    • Plastic front-end load dumpsters (FELs) last longer than steel containers, are quieter than steel containers, weigh less than steel containers for easier maneuverability and will not rust. They are stackable, even when fully assembled, to save space.
    • Cart liners protect carts from sticky messes. Our cart liners are made with built-in odor eliminators to help combat smells. They easily slip out and fall right onto the garbage truck on pickup days. Available in 48-, 64- and 96-gallon sizes.
    • Stationary and mobile lifters are designed with safety and ergonomics in mind. Choose mobile lifters for flexibility in tight spots or dumping into multiple locations. Stationary lifters are designed for permanent mounting into a concrete or metal pad.
    • Material handling products include cube trucks for collecting and transporting waste, tilt trucks for moving large, heavy waste to its final disposal area, and heavy-duty mobile trucks for transporting the largest, heaviest waste. Lid options are available.
    • Medical waste carts are designed for the healthcare industry and provide a safe, secure method for collecting, transporting and disposing of regulated medical waste. Smooth interior walls are simple to clean and disinfect. Available in two-wheel or caster cart design.
    • Secure document carts protect confidential materials and feature a locking lid and high load rating and can be hitched together for easy transport. E-waste carts with locking lid are durable, secure depositories for hard drives, cell phones, batteries and more.
    • Stationary commercial garbage cans are rugged and built to last in even the harshest industrial, commercial and institutional environments. Toter offers construction-grade industrial garbage cans, Slimline containers, round cans and decorative litter containers.
    • Waste and recycling carts include two-wheel carts, organics carts and caster carts that stand up to just about anything that’s tossed into them — or at them. They are built for durability, impact resistance and long life. Available in a range of sizes and colors.