Cart Maintenance

Give Your Inventory a Clean Sweep
  • Take Inventory of Your Toter Carts

    From trash can cleaning service to garbage can and dumpster repair to replacement of garbage can lids and wheels, Toter® offers a wide array of maintenance services. Our services help to reduce your risks and costs, allowing you to focus your time and money on your collection tasks.

Toter’s cart maintenance program is competitively priced and tailored to your needs. Our clean, well-marked vehicles are GPS-equipped to provide our professional, uniformed drivers with computer-optimized routing that facilitates our curbside maintenance service.

Service options include:

  • Cart washing
  • Repair and replacement
  • Swapping one cart size for another
  • Management of cart inventory
  • Recycling your unusable carts
  • Old cart retrieval
  • ... and more!

With a response time of 2 – 5 business days, count on Toter to be the most efficient and strategic service provider for all your cart needs.