Waste Container Services to Help You Succeed

Providing Services for Over 30 Years

Toter® has offered our trash can and dumpster services to customers throughout the United States and Canada for more than three decades. Taking advantage of Toter Services helps your operation run more smoothly, professionally and efficiently. For a successful result, partner with Toter for one or more of the following services.

  • Custom solutions include project planning, data-driven services, real-time visibility into your rollout, assembly and delivery, as well as cart washing, maintenance and repairs.
  • Cart maintenance services are competitively priced and tailored to your needs. These services help you reduce risks and costs, allowing you to focus on collection tasks.
  • Cart assembly and delivery encompasses every step of your project rollout — from planning and public education to unloading, assembly, delivery and project completion.
  • RFID cart management (radio-frequency identification) includes assembly, delivery, route audits, cart inventory, maintenance, and cart management and tracking services to meet your needs.
  • Cart Buy Back the development of more sustainable products that the use recycled material. To help close the loop in our manufacturing process, Toter has created a Cart Buy-Back Program.

The Toter Service Advantages

Customers who partner with Toter Services benefit from:

  • Our years of experience that enable a smooth planning process
  • Accurate data that saves you time and may help you add customers
  • Real-time visibility into events that enhances customer satisfaction