Custom Solutions

Find Treasure in Our Custom Trash Can Solutions
  • The Toter® Services Advantage

    Toter has over 30 years of experience providing assembly, delivery and cart maintenance services across the United States and Canada. Starting or enhancing a collection program? Let Toter Services help you achieve a seamless, efficient, professional and successful result. We provide unique advantages that third-party vendors simply cannot offer.

Experience Makes Planning Easy

  • A dedicated project coordinator assists by overseeing day-to-day operations and planning your project from start to finish.
  • Results-focused details of the project rollout let you know what to expect before, during and after the project is complete.
  • Access to production, planning and transportation allows for quick response times and the ability to adjust as needed.

Data-Driven Services Save Time

  • Toter utilizes radio-frequency identification (RIFD) technology to gather cart data.
  • Our RFID tags are associated with the serial number on the cart during manufacture and embedded into the cart handle to prevent damage.
  • Our technology accurately correlates each asset to the specified address in your customer delivery list/address listing.
  • Validations ensure that the appropriate cart (size, color, etc.) is delivered to the correct address.
  • Our database confirms current addresses, records new ones and deletes incorrect addresses to improve your overall account processing and potentially increase revenue.

Real-Time Visibility Improves Service

  • Timestamp and GPS coordinate data is captured during delivery and associated with every address during the distribution rollout.
  • Throughout the rollout, Toter Services provides access to real-time progress updates, daily and total deliveries, and inventory reports.
  • Visibility of actual events during rollout is provided, allowing you to view vacant lots and homes, customer refusals and more.
  • Cart delivery is verified through our GPS and time-stamping system that instantly sends data to your customer portal in real time.

Made for Easy Assembly and Delivery

  • Toter carts are stackable and nestable — even when fully assembled. Shipped fully assembled, our carts are ready to roll, and delivered quickly, efficiently and with fewer trips.
  • Toter carts can also be shipped assembled with everything except wheels, significantly reducing labor and delivery expenses.
  • During optional on-route assembly and delivery service, the Toter crew unloads and assembles the carts prior to delivery, making rollout more effective and efficient, while eliminating the noise created by assembling carts on the street.

Maintenance Lowers Risks and Costs

  • Toter cart washing, replacement and repair services lower risks and costs, allowing you to focus on your collection tasks.
  • Competitively priced program is tailored to your needs.
  • Service options include cart washing, swapping cart sizes, managing cart inventory, and recycling unusable carts and components.