Trash Cans, Garbage Bins, Trash Carts and More

Your Worst Deserves Our Best

Toter® earns its reputation as the world's toughest cart every single day. No matter the job, Toter carts meet challenges head-on. Because our carts are produced using a patented, stress-free molding technology known as Advanced Rotational Molding™, they’re tougher and more durable than injection-molded carts. In fact, they typically last twice as long as injection-molded carts. Combine that with one of the lowest warranty claim rates in the waste management industry, and you’ve got a dependable cart with outstanding value. Or, in other words, a no-brainer!

So Many Products ... So Little Time

How much time do you have to spend checking out all our products? We hope you have loads of time to devote to our product listings, because we have lots of products! In addition to the “traditional” garbage cans, garbage cans with wheels and trash cans with lids that we see in front of homes on garbage day, Toter manufactures:

  • Medical waste carts
  • Secure document carts
  • Bear-tough locking carts
  • Slimline containers
  • Litter containers
  • Round garbage cans
  • Utility carts
  • Boxes for tools and equipment
  • Fire-resistant containers
  • Cube, mobile and tilt trucks
  • Mobile and stationary lifters
  • Lighter-weight containers
  • Steel rod-reinforced containers
  • Organics containers
  • Cart liners
  • Odor eliminators

Toter offers everything you need to collect, transport and dispose of trash — in the toughest, most durable products on the market!