TOTER: The Industry Leader in Cart Solutions—Part of Your All-in-One Solid Waste Strategy

May 20, 2021

If you’re looking for all-in-one solid waste handling, look no further than Toter, part of the Wastequip family of brands. 

Toter is the industry leader in cart solutions, and earns its reputation as the world's toughest cart every single day. In fact, Toter carts, which are always roto-molded, typically last twice as long as injection-molded carts. Combine that legendary toughness with one of the lowest warranty claim rates in the waste management industry and you’ve got a dependable cart with outstanding value. 

But what makes Toter so valuable extends beyond quality construction. That’s because Toter is backed by the Wastequip network of supporting brands, which all work together to form your all-in-one solution for solid waste handling. Wastequip is the leading North American manufacturer of waste handling equipment. With thousands of employees and dozens of facilities across the continent, Wastequip has built a reputation for expertise and innovation. And they’re the only manufacturer to offer a full line of steel products, and plastic products like Toter, to collect, handle and transport nearly all types of waste and recyclables.

Toter has been supplying governments and municipalities with curbside waste and recycling collection solutions for decades. Toter carts’ universal design makes them compatible with fully automated and semi-automated trucks. Plus, Toter carts are nestable when fully assembled, which saves on shipping and storage space. On average, Toter carts have a service life of 15 to 20+ years. So it’s no surprise that Toter offers the industry’s only 12-year cart body warranty, providing superior value and protection on your investment. To make procurement easy for governments, municipalities and other not-for-profits, we offer convenient cooperative purchasing. By leveraging national cooperative contract purchasing through OMNIA Partners or Sourcewell, you can purchase carts easily without the time or cost associated with going to bid. 

Manufactured using up to 50% recycled plastic and up to 80% recycled steel, Toter carts meet many sustainability requirements. Toter carts are also 100% recyclable — we’ll even purchase your old carts for reprocessing. And, yes, even at that level of recyclability, our carts are still tougher and more durable than what you’ll get from injection molded manufacturers.

In addition to being found on curbs around the country, Toter products are also designed for use in a variety of residential, commercial and institutional settings, such as universities, manufacturing facilities, shopping centers, restaurants, hospitals, stadiums and convention centers — with solutions designed to collect, transport and dispose of waste and recyclables throughout those facilities using carts, stationary containers, mobile tilt trucks, cart lifters and more. And with the addition of the Wastequip family of brands, there’s virtually no waste situation that can’t be handled.  

Say you’re in the commercial space, and are using Toter carts for document waste and handling. Toter can make everything more streamlined and more efficient in a number of ways. If you’re buying a large quantity of carts, Toter offers preassembly. If you’re using plastic frontload dumpsters, Wastequip makes compactors to increase dumpster efficiency. 

If you’re a hauler who has contracts servicing these types of commercial facilities, Wastequip also sells Amrep truck bodies, which are some of the most durable and reliable on the market. Made with Hardox® steel, Amrep products are built to last. They also work seamlessly with many waste handling products, including, of course, Toter carts and other Wastequip brands. 

No matter your waste-handling needs, from residential homes to job sites to specialty needs across the country, Toter and Wastequip are part of the team that can handle them all.