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Toter® has over 30 years of experience providing Assembly & Delivery and Cart Maintenance Service across the U.S. and Canada. When using Toter Services to assist in the startup of your collection program, addition to existing program, or providing cart maintenance, you are gaining an additional partner that ensures a seamless, efficient, professional and successful result. As a partner, Toter provides some unique advantages over using a third-party service vendor.

Years of Experience for a Smooth Planning Process

Our 30+ years of experience in A&D projects has taught us to meet or exceed deadlines on time, every time. By providing a dedicated project coordinator to assist, oversee the day-to-day operations, and plan the project from start to finish, our detail-oriented planning process will ensure a smooth outcome for all your service needs. With Assembly & Delivery checklists, Statement of Work meetings, and End of Project Reports, we will provide you with results-focused details of the project rollout. These critical pieces to the rollout plan provide you with what to expect prior to, during and after the project is complete. Through direct access to production, planning and transportation to control shipments, it allows for quicker response times and the ability to adjust as needed to ensure the overall success of the project.

Long-lasting Data-Driven Services to Save Time

Toter® provides the most accurate and efficient way to gather cart data through the utilization of RFID tag technology. Competitor bar codes that are stamped on the cart can get damaged and therefore become unreadable in the field. Our RFID tags are embedded into the handle of the cart and are associated with the serial number on the cart during the manufacturing process, which provides protection from damage and environmental elements throughout its life cycle. Our ToterTrax technology accurately associates each asset to the specified address in the customer delivery list/address listing. During distribution, the technology performs a route audit, providing you with the most accurate account database to improve your overall account processing and potentially increase revenue. Validations in our technology ensure that the appropriate cart (size, color, etc.) is delivered to the appropriate address, which provides the most accurate delivery data. Through Toter Services, we will provide an accurate address listing database that allows for increased revenue if new addresses are added on route, incorrect addresses are deleted, and by confirming current addresses.

Real-time Visibility to Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Increased visibility and information on demand will provide you with data for your operational plan and information to support customer service inquiries during distribution. Time stamp and GPS coordinate data is captured on each delivery and associated with every address during the A&D rollout. This data can be used to monitor progress and assist in customer service requests. Throughout the rollout, you will have access to a secure portal providing a progress update, daily and total deliveries report, inventory levels, etc in real-time. Toter® Services reporting allows you to have visibility to actual events during the distribution rollout. These events (for ex. vacant lots, vacant homes, customer refusals, etc.) are captured in real time with time stamp and GPS coordinate data. Cart delivery is verified through our GPS and time-stamping system and instantly sends data to the portal in real-time.

Made for Easy Assembly & Delivery

Toter carts are stackable and nestable – even when fully assembled. The advantage of Toter Services is when shipped fully assembled, they’re ready-to-roll, and can be delivered more quickly, more efficiently, and with fewer trips. Toter carts can also be shipped assembled with everything except wheels, significantly reducing labor and delivery expenses. Toter also offers optional on-route assembly and delivery service. The Toter® crew will unload and assemble the carts prior to delivering to the streets. This advantage makes for a more effective and efficient rollout. It also takes away the unnecessary noise created with assembling carts at the street level and ensures that all noise ordinances are followed. Toter carts are also built to keep working long after others fail and they’re backed by an industry-leading 12-year body warranty. Toter carts are extremely flexible, impact-resistant, and easily handle the day-to-day abuse of curbside waste collection.

Cart Maintenance

From cart washing to replacements and repairs, Toter maintenance services help to reduce your risks and costs, allowing you to focus simply on your collection.
Toter’s cart maintenance program is competitively priced and can be tailored to your needs. With clean, well-marked vehicles that are GPS-equipped and provide our professional, uniformed drivers with computer-optimized routing, you can count on Toter to be the most efficient and strategic service provider for all your cart needs.

Service options include:

  • Cart washing
  • Swapping one cart size for another
  • Management of cart inventory
  • Recycling of unusable carts or components
  • Response time from 2 to 5 business days
  • And more!

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