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More Than A Manufacturer.

With over 30 years of experience, Toter® is the recommended service provider for on-time, door-to-door cart services. We handle rollouts—regardless of size and brand—and work with customers to meet mission critical system start-up dates. From cart deliveries and removals to repairs and replacements, you can trust Toter to be the most efficient and strategic service provider for all your cart needs. Toter’s quality cart maintenance program is competitively priced and can be tailored to your needs. Toter limits your risks and costs, allowing you to focus simply on the collection of waste, recyclables or organics.

With clean, well-marked vehicles that are GPS-equipped and professional drivers with computer optimized routing and survey programs, you can count on Toter for innovative solutions for your cart fleet to save time and money - without the hassle. Toter’s industry-leading cart delivery and tracking solutions give you the power to track your carts in real-time through its seamless state-of-the-art RFID tracking technology to enhance your operational efficiency. Toter is more than a manufacturer, as we are committed to our customers’ needs. We are at your service for the long haul.

Assembly & Delivery • Route audits • Cart/container repair/maintenance • Cart washing • RFID • Custom services • Cart retrieval / pickup • Label / application • Cart swapping • Data capture • Inventory maintenance • Unload service


Let us show you how!

Assembly & Delivery

  • Unload, deliver, and assemble carts
  • Associate cart serial number and/or RFID tag by address
  • Attach labels and literature during delivery
  • Old cart retrieval

Route Audits
Audit routes to capture accurate data for:

  • Billing
  • Repairs/Maintenance
  • Updated database
  • Other cart services

Cart/Container Maintenance

  • Exchange cart sizes
  • Repair / Replace
  • Manage cart inventory
  • Recycle unusable carts/components
  • Cart washing service
  • Old cart retrieval

RFID Cart Management

  • Track assets - in-field and in inventory
  • Retro-fit existing cart/container inventory to have RFID capabilities

The Toter Services Advantage:

  • Years of Experience for a Smooth Planning Process
  • Long-lasting Data-Driven Services to Save Time
  • Real-time Visibility to Enhance Customer Satisfaction
  • Made for Easy Assembly & Delivery

Custom Services
Custom services are also available to meet your requirements.

To learn more, contact Nick at NDiFoggio@wastequip.com to quote.


About ToterTrax

Toter’s industry-leading cart delivery and tracking solution, ToterTrax, gives you the power to track your carts in real-time through its state-of-the-art RFID tracking technology. Designed specifically for waste and recycling assembly and delivery projects, ToterTrax provides you with control of your assets from a simple-to-use web portal.

ToterTrax features:

  • Real-time asset management
  • Real-time visibility of delivery and current status
  • Real-time visibility of geo-coordinates and time stamp data
  • Unique RFID tag number with matching serial number for superior accuracy
  • User-friendly web portal

Manufactured with an embedded RFID tag in the handle and a matching RFID # and serial # for accurate tracking, Toter services.

As crews deliver the carts, each cart’s RFID tag is scanned and data is instantly sent to our web portal. The data is validated at multiple points to ensure accuracy.

As crews deliver the carts, each cart’s RFID tag is scanned, instantly sending data to our user-friendly web portal with 24/7 visibility.

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