Organics FEL Dumpsters

When Incredibly Strong Isn’t Strong Enough.

Stronger and more rugged than standard plastic front load dumpsters (FELs), Toter’s Generation II Organics FEL Dumpsters feature a steel-rod-reinforced rim and base to prevent bowing under the weight of heavy, wet, organic waste while maintaining the integrity of the container. And, because the dumpster is plastic, it will withstand continued exposure to aggressive organic waste without rusting or corroding. That’s a big reason why it lasts up to three times longer than steel dumpsters.

  • Durable, single-piece lid with trap door keeps out insects, rodents and animals
  • Trap door provides easy access
  • Continuous lip on lid traps odors and prevents leakage
  • Locking lid prevents unauthorized access
  • Steel rod reinforced rim and base prevent bowing
  • Plastic design withstands continued exposure to aggressive organic waste without rusting or corroding 
  • Provides up to 3X greater service life than steel containers
  • Single piece body—casters and fork pockets do not bolt through the body for a leak-proof container
  • Easy to maneuver with optional casters (steel runners are standard)
  • Compatible with front end load forks for easy pickup and dumping