Decorative Litter Containers

Beautification Projects Start Here.

Toter® decorative litter containers are a great addition to any park, town, retailer or other outdoor area. And like all Toter carts, our litter containers and decorative trash cans are constructed using Advanced Rotational Molding™, so you get maximum durability and impact resistance. And you can get it in six granite colors that mimic the look of natural stone. 

  • Base can be weighted for improved stability and theft-deterrence
  • Custom graphics available
  • Available in 45- and 60-gallon sizes
  • Bag holder straps hide unsightly can liners
  • Hollow base holds up to 75 lbs. of sand for stability
  • 60-gallon model has 4 easily accessible openings
  • Textured granite surface provides an attractive, durable finish
  • Automate (A-Model) collection helps eliminate potential injuries and improves productivity
  • Higher value compared to other plastic, metal or concrete litter containers