Extreme Tote Curbside Recycling Bin

Recycling Built for Extremes.

Manufactured through Toter’s Advanced Rotational Molding™ process, the 20-gallon Extreme Tote is built to keep working long after others fail. With a heavy-duty base to protect against wear and a Rugged Rim for impact resistance, the Extreme Tote can easily handle the day-to-day abuse of curbside recycling collection. The Extreme Tote’s ergonomic design makes it easy to carry with tough, non-slip handles that won’t crack or break. Haulers no longer have to worry about costly replacement, cracks or holes in the bottom of recycling bins with Toter’s new ‘built for extremes’ recycling solution. The Extreme Tote’s nestable and stackable design makes assembly and delivery storage easier and more efficient for haulers, which means quicker routes and a faster turn-around time.