Organics Caster Carts

Toter caster carts feature large wheels and swivel casters for maximum maneuverability, even with the heaviest organic waste loads. Caster carts feature Toter’s patented rotational molded design to resist cracking and bending for superior durability. Attached lids ensure lids remain with the cart and do not get lost or stolen. 

  • Available gasketed lids ensure odors and waste are contained (available on 32 and 64 gallon only)
  • Available in 32 and 64 gallon sizes
  • Casters eliminate the need to tip to roll for added convenience
  • Carts are nestable when fully assembled for efficient storage
  • Compatible with all saddle/stop-bar style lifting devices
  • Optional pull bar assembly available to pull up to 3 units at once for easier, more efficient transport of organic waste

Warranty Information:

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