As Tough As Your Job.

Toter® carts are durable and designed to handle the daily stress of waste collection.  In fact, Toter offers the industry's only 12-year cart body warranty.

Available in 16-gallon, 21-gallon, 24-, 32-gallon, 48-gallon, 64-gallon, and 96-gallon sizes, they’re suited for a variety of waste, recycling and organics collection needs. And their universal design makes them compatible with fully automated and semi-automated trucks. Plus, Toter carts are nestable when fully assembled, which saves on shipping and storage space.  

Manufactured using up to 50% recycled plastic and up to 80% recycled steel, they can also help with your sustainability initiatives. And though Toter carts use less material than injection-molded carts, they’re more durable and last longer than their inferior counterparts. When it does finally come time to replace them, Toter carts are 100% recyclable, so you can responsibly dispose of your cart fleet. Contact us for more information about selling your old carts for reprocessing.

Attractive as they are durable, Toter carts are available in nine granite colors and five standard colors. And the carts can be customized with in-mold lid graphics and hot stamps. RFID cart management solutions are also available.

Additional Toter products include litter containers, front end load containers (FELs), bear tough carts, cart liners, Powerfresh™, organics bins, the Extreme Tote, and a variety of specialty carts for medical waste, secure document management, e-waste and more. For information on steel containers and other products, please visit our Wastequip website.

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