Round Trash Cans

Built To Last Means Value

The Toter Round Can was designed to withstand heavy and continuous use both indoors and out. Our Advanced Rotational Molding™ manufacturing process eliminates built in stress, weakness, and brittleness that’s associated with plastic injection containers, lending itself to a more durable trash can that is engineered for toughness and high impact resistance.

The Toter Round Can is the perfect solution for industrial, construction, food service, healthcare, and institutional environments.

  • Rugged Rim: for added strength.
  • Integrated Handles: Aids in lifting of can and improves dumping efficiency.
  • Bag Cinch: Helps keep bag in place.
  • Unique Third Handle: Allows for easier lifting and emptying.
  • Venting Channel: Allows easy bag removal.
  • Drag Strips: Increase durability.
  • Third Handle: For easier dumping and moving.