Plastic Front End Load Containers (FELs)

Heavy-Duty, Lightweight & Leak-Proof.

Plastic Dumpsters last up to 3 times longer than steel containers, our plastic FELs are ideal for any area where corrosion is a concern. The rotomolded design provides greater impact resistance than you get with injection-molded plastic dumpster FELs—and the Rugged Rim® design with steel rod reinforcement prevents bowing.

Toter® plastic Front End Load dumpsters are available in 1 cubic yard, 2 cubic yard, 3 cubic yard and 4 cubic yard sizes. And the containers nest fully assembled for easier shipping and storage. 

  • 100% plastic rotationally molded body provides maximum impact resistance
  • Last up to 3X as long as steel containers because they withstand exposure to waste and weather without rusting or corroding
  • Steel-rod-reinforced rim and base prevent bowing 
  • Lift pockets feature an integrated design to distribute weight across the entire face, providing greater pocket strength
  • Easy to clean & requires no painting
  • Because bolt-on items don’t penetrate the interior of the container, they’re leak-proof
  • Lighter weight and easier to maneuver than conventional steel containers
  • Quick change caster brackets

*Dimensions include casters.

Toter's FEL's are one of many products available for financing via Toter's Cooperative Purchasing Programs (such as Sourcewell and Omnia Partners). Learn more about your financing options with Toter here.