Round Trash Cans

Built To Last Means Value

The Toter Round Can was designed to withstand heavy and continuous use both indoors and out. Our Advanced Rotational Molding™ manufacturing process eliminates built in stress, weakness, and brittleness that’s associated with plastic injection containers, lending itself to a more durable trash can that is engineered for toughness and high impact resistance.

The Toter Round Can is the perfect solution for industrial, construction, food service, healthcare, and institutional environments.

  • Rugged Rim: for added strength.
  • Integrated Handles: Aids in lifting of can and improves dumping efficiency.
  • Bag Cinch: Helps keep bag in place.
  • Unique Third Handle: Allows for easier lifting and emptying.
  • Venting Channel: Allows easy bag removal.
  • Drag Strips: Increase durability.

Toter's Round Can is one of many products available for financing via Toter's Cooperative Purchasing Programs (such as Sourcewell and Omnia Partners). Learn more about your financing options with Toter here.