Organics Two-Wheel Collection Carts

Only Toter offers two wheel carts specifically designed to withstand heavy, wet, organic waste. These heavy-duty, commercial-grade carts feature impressive load ratings up to 300 lbs. and exceed ANSI standards – they’ll withstand 6-1/4 lbs./gallon vs. standard 3-1/2 lbs./gallon.


  • Manufactured with stress-free Advanced Rotational MoldingTM for superior durability
  • Leak-resistant with a fully enclosed stop bar journal under normal usage
  • Rugged Rim® extends the life of the cart with reinforced material in critical wear areas
  • Bottom wear strip shields against scratches with maximum strength protection
  • Industry-leading 12-year body warranty

†Gasketed lid and thumb turn latch

Toter's Organics Carts are one of many products available for financing via Toter's Cooperative Purchasing Programs (such as Sourcewell and Omnia Partners). Learn more about your financing options with Toter here.