Carbon Emissions Calculator

When you use long lasting and durable Toter carts, there's less maintenance and fewer replacements. By simply using products that don't need to be replaced frequently, you can dramatically reduce the amount of carbon emissions that stem from that production.  
Use our calculator below to see the environmental impact long-lasting Toter carts can have.



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*Using data from Toter's ISO-14404 compliant cradle to grave life-cycle assessment, we calculated the baseline emissions based on a 12-year cart life-span, made with 0% recycled content, grid electricity at all facilities, 0% recycling rate, 50 mi to landfill, 350 mi to recycling (both with 3.5-16 ton trucks), and 20 kg (for 64-gal) and 26 kg (for 96-gal) cart mass.

**Toter calculated the annual emissions from a diesel garbage truck using the EPA Greenhouse Gas Emissions Calculator and assumed 15,000 miles of annual driving for an urban residential collection truck, 3 mpg fuel economy, and a refuse truck life-span of 7 to 10 years.
Wastequip commissioned RRS to conduct an ISO 14044-compliant life cycle assessment with critical review to evaluate the cradle to grave carbon footprint of a Toter® Cart and a user insight survey from more than 100 municipalities and waste haulers. This model is based on their data.